Admirers of Kashmir Crewel



The blissful richness and elusive smoothness of crewel with rich hand embroideries or intricate hand weaves have been an essential part of the Imperial lifestyle since many centuries. Justly referred to as the “Art of Royal”, Crewel became a desire of Empress Josephine - the wife of Napoleon which made it a must have luxury by all the royal families of the world. Crewel is the delicate art of hand-weaving premium fabrics like cotton duck-velvet-silk organza use into deluxe crewel curtains-drapes-bed-throws-cushion-covers-sofa covers and many other home furnishing accessories.

Crewel is considered the finest craftsmanship in the world which transforms the exceptionally warm and delicate threads to opulent accessories. Crewel has fascinated kings, royals, and people all over the world by its magical allure and a traditional grace. Perhaps this was the reason why we chose to showcase the exquisiteness and regal demeanor of this centuries old art to the world. It's not just today that Crewel has patronage from around the world. There were times when this art was favoured with royal patronage. Kings, queens, royal families and nobles all over the world knew Crewel. Crewel is even now considered the king of all home furnishing fabrics which makes it timeless and a heritage.

The vivid beauty and the attractive glamour on a luxurious Crewel has a very humble beginning. Let’s take you deep into the journey of this unbelievable craft, right from England where from it is conjured, through narrow alleys of Kashmir, to luxury stores all across the world.

Crewel weaving and the intricate embroidery has always been a very laborious work. The number of man hours put in through all these stages is astonishing!


Pure Crewel will carry a label

Every Crewel fabric is legally bound to display its quality composition on its label, i.e. its percentage of fibre. At Jersey Lily, we are ahead of the curve. We understand how our customers deserve the quality and authenticity they invest in. So each of our pieces comes with a quality assurance certificate from the Crafts Development Institute, Government of India.

Pure Crewel is uneven

A genuine handcrafted Crewel will always be uneven in the weave like this. An authentic Crewel that has been painstakingly handcrafted will show some form of irregularities, since it’s done by hand. At Jersey Lily our artisans painstakingly work for days and months to create a masterpiece that’s fine and accentuates to create a magical appeal in to your living space

Genuine Crewel & Jersey Lily

We, at Jersey Lily, are one of the world’s largest curators of pure and handcrafted crewel fabrics. Each of our pieces epitomizes the highest levels of quality and royalty and will make you feel no less than nobility yourself. Our range of crewel fabrics will enrapture the world with its beauty and sublime softness. It’s not just the beauty and exquisiteness that we are concerned about; credibility is what sets us apart from the rest. Our pieces are first painstakingly handcrafted with the finest designs and reflect the highest quality of craftsmanship. After this labor of love sees the light of the day, it is sent for quality assurance to the Crafts Development Institute, Ministry of Textiles as part of Govt of India that certifies each Crewel. After all, you deserve a product that’s as warm and real as you!


Since these are exclusive luxurious fabrics, you have to be careful while choosing your pure crewel. Try checking pure crewel sales online or look for crewel curtains in London to find what you are looking for. Just apply the tests outlined above! That’s it.

Jersey Lily is one of the few producers of exclusive and exquisite Crewel fabrics with a spectacular range and stunning weaves! Our legacy is defined by our product range. Just visit our website to Jersey if you would like to buy crewel curtains online.