Genuine Crewel & Jersey Lily

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Jersey Lily is one of the few producers of exclusive and exquisite Crewel fabrics with a spectacular range and stunning weaves! Our legacy is defined by our product range. Just visit our website to if you would like to buy crewel curtains online. Crewel is considered the finest craftsmanship in the world which transforms the exceptionally warm and delicate threads to opulent accessories. Crewel has fascinated kings, royals, and people all over the world by its magical allure and a traditional grace. Perhaps this was the reason why we chose to showcase the exquisiteness and regal demeanor of this centuries old art to the world. It's not just today that Crewel has patronage from around the world. There were times when this art was favoured with royal patronage. Kings, queens, royal families and nobles all over the world knew Crewel.

Yet crewel is even now considered the king of all home furnishing fabrics which makes it timeless and a heritage. The vivid beauty and the attractive glamour on a luxurious Crewel has a very humble beginning. Let’s take you deep into the journey of this unbelievable craft, right from England where from it is conjured, through narrow alleys of Kashmir, to luxury stores all across the world. Crewel weaving and the intricate embroidery has always been a very laborious work. The number of man hours put in through all these stages is astonishing!

Crewel Embroidery or Hook work Embroidery:

There are number of beliefs about the origin of hook work embroidery. the craft started almost 700 hundred years ago in the time of Shah Hamadan. It may take as many as 5 years to learn how to handle the hook with ease.

Tools Hook Technique:

Each craftsman makes his own hook by filing a thin steel rod which is fitted into a turned deodar wood handle that a carpenter makes for him. In all hook work, the thread is always held under the fabric to be embroidered. The hook is then pushed in along the lines of the design. The point of the hook is always towards the right and there is a mark made on the wooden handle so that when the hooks towards the right the mark is on the top. On this mark which is always in the form of a slightly carved out portion the thumb of the right hand is placed. The index finger extends till as much of the length of the stem of the hook as it can reach.

It encircles the hook with the yarn every time the former is pushed through the fabric. As the yarn is pulled slightly and held stretched beside the hook the latter is pulled up to the top of the cloth and through the previous loop. Thus, a series of loops are pulled to the surface, each one emerging from within the previous. This forms a continuous long chain of loops that moves along the design lines.