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Cashmere Care Guide

Washing, drying, storing, and caring for your cashmere scarves

Our cashmere scarves are designed and manufactured by us using only the finest, softest pure A grade cashmere wool. Beautiful styles made from the finest yarns with great attention to detail, producing shawls and scarves that if cared for correctly, will last for years to come and improve with age. Cashmere is a perfect heirloom piece, one of the finest fibres in the world. It will give you years of pleasure if cared for correctly. We love the super-soft wool that is cashmere, and it deserves special care as it takes pride of place in your wardrobe. Our experts have combined decades of their knowledge to share with you how best to care for, wash, clean and store your cashmere.
Below is our specialist advice on how to care for your cashmere but if you are at all unsure and require further guidance please feel free to contact us by email at
Hand washing your cashmere shawls and scarves frequently will refresh and condition the fibres. We all try to avoid washing cashmere whenever possible and often try to ‘spot-clean’ to prolong the life of the scarves, this is fine for regular wear but before storing your cashmere clothing for longer periods of time we recommend to give it a good cleanse. We always recommend to wash your cashmere scarves by hand, even hand-wash settings on your washing machine can add to the risk of damaging the cashmere fibres so we generally advise to roll up your sleeves and get involved!

For drying your cashmere, be gentle.

1) Re-shape to its original size and dry flat over a towel away from direct heat and sunlight, avoid radiators. We don’t recommend hanging cashmere shawls and scarves to dry, as the weight of the water can stretch it out of shape. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! This is the fastest way to shrink your cashmere clothing!
2) Press under a damp cloth on a low heat setting.
Do not wring or twist the cashmere shawls, be patient and treat it as it treats you, softly and caringly.
Cashmere should get softer and improve with age.
Rotating your wardrobe and letting your cashmere shawls and scarves rest for a couple of days after wearing, you will help to extend its life.

Storing Your Cashmere Shawls and Scarves

Ideally, cashmere scarves should be stored inside out and kept in a dust free and well-aired area away from direct sunlight. Before storing for any length of time ensure your scarves is washed well. If you are storing it away for the summer then we recommend to give it a good clean, ideally use a storage bag to keep your cashmere looking like new!